6 a.m - Breakfast

An early breakfast

A typical day on a Well Iceland tour starts early. Wake up to the beautiful views across the stark Icelandic landscape and enjoy a carefully balanced, healthy and nutritious breakfast, usually served in the hotel. Expect healthy rye breads, tea brewed with wild herbs and other super foods to give you a boost for the day.

8 a.m. – Hiking

Take a morning hike

Morning hikes are a great way to start the day and there is no where better than the spectacular Icelandic countryside. Along the way, you’ll enjoy beautiful views, spot birdlife, admire waterfalls and other natural wonders and learn about building exercise into your routine when you return home. You may even be able to stop for a dip in one of the warm hot springs that dot the island.

11 a.m. – Nutrition Lecture

Learn about balanced diets

When you return from your hike, take one of the morning Well Iceland workshops to learn about eating in a more healthy, balanced, and sustainable way. Exercise is not enough on its own. Your diet is key to a healthy body and mind. Expert nutritionists will discuss techniques to help your stay on plan when you return home.

12 p.m. – Lunch

A typical lunch

Typically, you’ll return back to the hotel for lunch. Hotel’s and their restaurants have been carefully picked to ensure the quality of the food. You may also eat out at nearby restaurants. Expect fresh organic vegetarian dishes and freshly brewed wild herb teas. Take a little time afterwards to rest and digest.

1 p.m. – Afternoon workouts

Cardio and strength training

Afternoons on Well Iceland tours are often dedicated to exercise, whether in the hotel’s fitness center or out among the scenery of this spectacular country. With your expert guide, you may do circuit training, work on your core muscles, build up your strength or do cardio training. The guides will push you a little harder every day to maximize your efforts.

3 p.m. – Snack time

Rest up and enjoy some healthy snacks

You’ll have some time to rest up and eat some well-earned snacks which will have been carefully chosen by your guides to make you feel full without loading you up with saturated fats or carbs.

4 p.m. – Yoga

Stretch the muscles

An afternoon yoga class with an expert teacher is the perfect way to round of the activities of the day. During the class, which may be done at the hotel’s studio or among the Icelandic countryside if the weather is good, you’ll learn many techniques which you can use when you return home and stretch your muscles to aid recovery.

6 p.m. – Dinner

An early dinner

You will have woken up early, so dinner is typically served early also. Dinner is usually served at the hotel or in a nearby restaurant and, like lunch, also has a focus on fresh, local and seasonal produce which is healthy and filling. Eating this early stops weight gain as you’ll have some time in the evening to burn it off before going to sleep.

8 p.m. – Northern Lights

Rest, relaxation, spas and Northern Lights

The rest of the evening is free for relaxation and meditation. Part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle is taking time away from the pressures of life to re-center yourself. Each evening, you’ll have time to sit back in a worry-free environment and clear the mind ready for the following day. If you wish, you’ll also have access to the spa facilities where you can take long soaks in the hot tubs or steam rooms. You may also be taken on a trip out to the Icelandic wilderness to spot the inspiring Northern Lights.

Well Iceland Tours

Rest, relaxation, spas and Northern Lights

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