In case you haven’t heard about Flothetta, it is an absolute trend in Iceland. We’re talking about a silly-looking inflatable water cap. So what’s all the hike about? Keep reading and find out!

What is Flothetta?

It is an innovative product used for a water therapy, emphasizing on the complete relaxation of the body. It comes with inflatable knee pads, called Float Support.


Image credit: www.touchofmodern.com

Icelandic people have always appreciated the abounding advantages of water and all the ways it can contribute to a person’s well-being. So it’s no wonder one of them came up with this impressive idea. The cap designer is Unnur Valdis who says herself that the lifelong love and appreciation for water is what inspired her to make this particular product.

Flothetta, combined with the inflatable knee pads, makes you float on water, giving you a feeling of the ultimate relaxation. The cap has a foam lining, which helps you become practically “weightless”.

It’s available in black and light blue, but if you’re not a fan of plain colors, there are some pretty cool designs as well.


Image credit: www.touchofmodern.com

What does it do for you?

There are many benefits of this invention. Apart from bringing you into a state of complete serenity, floating affects your body chemistry. It releases the endorphins, relieving you of stress. It also contributes to your welfare by lowering your blood pressure, slowing down your heart rate and freeing you of muscle tension and pain. The best part is that all these effects happen all by themselves, and your job is just to relax and enjoy.


Image credit: www.touchofmodern.com

Where can you use it?

You can basically use this floating kit anywhere you want. However, if you’d prefer some company while relaxing, there are organized Flothetta meetups at several pools across the Iceland. These are popularly called wellness parties, and they can include some warm-ups, yoga and meditation to bring you to a stress-free state.

It’s a swimming accessory you never knew you needed

Okay, yes, we can all agree that it looks a bit silly, but it works! It’s something we’ve never seen before and it’s definitely worth a try. If you’d like to follow this trend yourself and get your own Flothetta, check out the official websiteYou can also visit their Instagram account to see some really nice photos.

If you’re looking to put your new Flothetta to use, join our wellness tour and experience some of the most beautiful geothermal pools in Iceland.


Written by: Dajana Dulić